October 18, 2016

She is as excited about this process as I am.

"Susan is currently working on our kitchen, dining and family living space which has not been changed since 1960's. We are still in the process but love the ideas and work that she is doing for us. It is such a relief to have someone that takes your information and can not only have an idea but have the ability to see if the space will work. I enjoy that she is as excited about this process as I am... I know when we are done we will have a beautiful home to invite friends and family without hesitation."
October 18, 2016

Our kitchen is unique and spot-on what we hoped to achieve!

"We have owned three homes where Susan Benedict and her company, Design Alternatives, has designed and installed kitchens. Susan is an extremely knowledgeable kitchen designer. She listens to the owner's wants and needs, provides designs for approval, collaborates with the owner, oversees installation then provides an amazing finished product. One of my kitchens, designed specifically to "age in place" is featured on her website. She has terrific insight and based on experience and expert knowledge of the needs of the aging population. She provided this homeowner with expectations met! Our kitchen is unique and spot-on what we hoped to achieve!"
August 1, 2013

We had a fabulous experience with Design Alternatives.

"We had a fabulous experience with Design Alternatives. Susan designed our kitchen and supervised its installation. It was a big and challenging project which involved completely gutting the outdated, ugly, and inefficient kitchen in our 70-year-old house and replacing it with a beautiful, modern, and efficient kitchen. Susan's expertise in selecting and planning everything from the cabinets and appliances on the walls to the flooring beneath and the light fixtures above was invaluable. Because of some odd layout issues in our older home, planning the cabinets required careful and precise measurements, sometimes down to a tiny fraction of an inch! Also, Susan's design ideas were very creative, including finding ways to maintain the special character of the home such as leaving the brick exposed on the back wall of the fireplace. She also has an excellent eye for color, texture, and pattern. It was a pleasure to work with Susan -- we enjoyed her enthusiasm and cheerfulness as well."